What Can I Give My Horse For More Energy?

You’ve been trying to get your horse fit for competition but most days he seems lazy and lethargic. The veterinarian gave him a complete check-up, including blood work and he’s healthy as a….ahem, horse. Like people, some equines just have laid-back personalities while others may need an extra boost of energy from an improved feed regimen and supplementation.

Choose a Feed Made for Performance Horses

What you put into your equine athlete is directly related to their performance. Working horses need to eat a diet high in fats and protein. The calories in healthy fats act as a fuel source while the protein helps build muscle. If your horse is underweight, during workouts, his body is burning any fat stores available for energy. An overweight horse tends to be slow moving, lethargic, and can even sustain injuries from toting around that extra weight around. Resist the temptation to overfeed and focus on providing plenty of hay and a complete feed designed for your horse’s specific needs.

Are You Feeding Electrolytes?

Horses that live in hot, humid temperatures need to have their electrolytes replenished daily. This is especially true of horses in training even in cooler climates. When they sweat heavily, water and horse feed alone cannot consistently replace the minerals lost during workouts. Equine athletes that are feeling depleted and rundown may seem sluggish and lethargic when asked to perform. A few weeks on electrolytes may give your horse a much-needed energy boost.

Is Your Training Routine Becoming Repetitive?

All equestrians are guilty of putting their horse through the same paces every day. Same warm-up, same workout. Believe it or not, horses can get bored with the same old routine. If your horse has been cleared by the vet and he’s being fed the proper nutrition but he’s still acting like a giant slug, try changing up the workouts to get his attention. Normally train in an arena? Hit the trails. Pointing him at the same jump course day after day? Add new, interesting jumps or gymnastics. Even horses can appreciate variety.

Energy Support for Equine Athletes

The vet says your horse is healthy, he’s receiving the best nutrition and plenty of relaxing turnout time so why is he still not performing to his potential? If you’ve consistently noticed that your performance horse is lacking the endurance to get through his regular workouts, it may be time to look for a quality energy supplement. Even top athletes, human or equine, require a nutritional boost to fuel them through strenuous workouts and rigorous training.

Performance Enhancing Energy Supplements for Horses

Looking for a natural energy boost for your competition horse or senior equine? TWYDIL® H is a blood-building supplement that is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. Our blood builder supports red blood cell health while helping your horse meet the demands of training, racing, showjumping and more. It is also recommended for older horses as well as those that are in recovery or nutrient-deficient. This drug-free energy supplement is safe for all equines and can be used prior to and on the day of competition.