Safe Alternatives to Lasix for Horses

One of the best ways to support your EIPH horse and help reduce mild bleeding episodes is to use a Lasix/Salix alternative. Lasix, or the veterinary counterpart Salix, may cause long term problems so some horse owners try to treat naturally for as long as possible before having to rely on medications.

Drug-Free Bleeder Supplement

As US racetracks and horse shows look at banning or eliminating the use of Lasix, a viable substitute will be needed to support the lung health of many equine athletes.

TWYDIL X has been scientifically formulated with all-natural ingredients including vitamins and minerals that help strengthen the alveolar-capillary barrier and minimize bleeding episodes. Our supplement is intended to be fed daily and has no side effects or harmful long-term issues. Many horse owners report notable improvement within the first week or so.

Why Is the Use of Lasix Controversial?

Commonly known as Salix or Lasix, the prescription IV drug furosemide acts as a diuretic and causes horses to lose 10%-15% of their body weight. This weight loss prior to races may give horses treated with Lasix an advantage as they are running with less weight. However, the reduction of fluids in the body is important because it helps lessen the pressure in the lungs that causes the bleeding. That same fluid reduction can cause dangerous side effects like dehydration and electrolyte imbalances, therefore, the use of Lasix or Salix on race day is typically banned in most countries except for the US.[1]

US racetracks, Santa Anita, Churchill Downs and Keeneland, banned raceday use of the controversial anti-bleeding medication following the death of 22 horses in California. [2] This may lead to eventually eliminating the use of the drug.

EIPH Supplement and Anti-Bleeding Medication

For severe bleeders that must remain on prescriptions to control their bleeding, talk to your veterinarian about using TWYDIL X to reinforce treatment. Adding our daily supplement may support recovery after flare ups and reduce irritation of the airways.

As always, our recommendations are not intended to replace veterinarian care or their treatment plans.

All-Natural Salix Substitute

Many respiratory supplements make big claims about stopping bleeding in horses afflicted with Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH). TWYDIL USA makes no such claim but we do have studies that show that daily use of TWYDIL X may naturally reduce the pressure buildup in the lungs, strengthen their blood vessels and help reduce bleeding. Our pulmonary support supplement can also help horses with allergies, asthma and COPD. Please contact us with any questions or to request information that supports our supplement.


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