Official USA Distributor For Twydil Equine Products

TWYDIL USA is a proud partner of TWYDIL® Switzerland and their performance horse products. Currently, we are the sole American distributor of these top-quality, globally renowned equine dietary supplements.  Each supplement we carry has been carefully created to meet specific scientific criteria and only the highest-quality ingredients are found in every batch.

Why Choose TWYDIL USA Products?

We offer a selection of the finest supplements in the world to support the health, recovery, performance and digestion of your sport horse. Designed to improve commercially available horse feeds, they fill the nutritional gaps of hardworking equine athletes and horses with specific dietary needs.

Not only has each product been subjected to rigorous testing, each individual batch is tested again prior to being sold. Triple certified testing is carried out by LCH, the FEI-approved laboratory in France. TWYDIL products have been certified to be safe to use up to and during the day of competition without violating anti-doping rules.

 Where Can I Buy TWYDIL Performance Horse Supplements?

Currently, we have six products from the TWYDIL line FDA approved and available for purchase in the United States. Interested parties may purchase equine supplements directly through the website or for faster service, contact our equine nutritional specialists. Regardless of your discipline or breed of horse, our team is here, ready to help you choose the right product for your horse.

Benefits of Buying From TWYDIL USA

Since we maintain a well-stocked inventory stateside, we are able to offer fast shipping directly to your home or barn.  Occasionally, you’ll see our friendly faces at horse shows, events and racetracks throughout the country including Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, New York and California. We believe in getting to know our clients and their horses in their own environment and we always appreciate the feedback we receive about TWYDIL products.

Where It All Started

In 1966, Daniel Stofer founded TWYDIL® in Basel, Switzerland, part of PAVESCO AG. After a successful banking career, he wanted to bring high-quality nutritional supplements to the equine industry. With the help of Valère Henry, current TWYDIL President, they introduced a full line of scientifically backed feed additives made available to the international horse world. TWYDIL® has become synonymous with superior quality. All TWYDIL products meet strict international anti-doping regulations and are guaranteed until its expiration date. Each formula contains the best micro-nutrients using the latest and most innovative production and packaging techniques. TWYDIL® products are used with great success by equine professionals in over 70 countries around the globe. Visit their website to learn more about Swiss TWYDIL® or the extensive research behind each of the products.

All-Natural European Supplements for Equine Athletes Now Available in America

When equestrians select nutritional supplements for their horses, they look for quality ingredients that they can feed safely and confidently. TWYDIL® offers trainers, breeders and competitors world-class products that they can trust. No other brand strives to provide the horse world with natural supplements that can be fed without risk during show season and even on the day of competition.  Our clients are from every discipline including dressage, show jumping, eventing, barrel racing, thoroughbred racing and more. Trust TWYDIL USA and TWYDIL®, the globally-known equine supplement line, to deliver scientifically proven nutrition whether you have one horse or an entire barn full.