Equine Health Products For Show Horses

For horses in competition, it’s important to find supplement formulas that are show-safe. That means they are free from any and all substances that horse shows, events and race tracks have deemed illegal to use. TWYDIL® has taken great care to ensure that each batch of every one of our supplements remains free of any banned ingredients.

Prohibited Performance Enhancing Substances

Because some drugs are plant-derived, that same plant being in a supplement will make that product illegal. Some herbs, such as rosemary, are stimulants and are banned by FEI. While it’s nearly impossible to list all of the rules and regulations surrounding forbidden ingredients in the horse world, TWYDIL® makes every effort to not violate LCH and FEI guidelines.

Show-Safe Calming Ingredients for High Intensity Equine Sports

While any horse can show signs of stress, anxiousness and nervousness, it’s not uncommon to see this in performance horses. Equine athletes can benefit from the natural calming and relaxing ingredients in TWYDIL C as it can be used on the day of competition. This makes it perfect for those competing in showjumping, eventing, racing, cross-county and more.

Conditioning Supplement Formulated Safe for Sporting Horses

Performance horses require a nutritional supplement that complements his or her diet. TWYDIL O is formulated to bridge the gap between commercial feeds and your equine athletes increased nutritional requirements. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids in our feed optimizer supports healthy digestion, overall body condition and the growth of hood and hair.

Safely Boost Your Horse’s Stamina

Administering one tube of TWYDIL H (Hematinic) per day for at least 3 days prior to an event can help show horses meet the demands of competition. Each tube is packed full of vitamins and trace elements that support the nutritional and energy needs of horses competing or training. Our drug-free product contains iron and acts as a blood builder, supporting the production of red blood cells and increasing the oxygenation of muscles during exercise.

All-Natural Horse Show Safe Supplements

At TWYDIL USA, we offer horse owners, trainers and breeders peace of mind when it comes to choosing the best supplements for your show horses, race horses and breeding stock. In addition to the products listed here, we also have specially formulated feed additives to improve digestion, support respiratory health and aid muscle recovery. Visit our equine supplement website to learn more about all of our products, find expert help and buy clean, drug-free TWYDIL® show horse supplements.